Youth Analytics


We have designed a very special Youth Science and Analytics for G4-G6 students. They will learn several Science Projects such as Robotics EV3, Helicopter, and Coin Measurement. All projects designed to show the practical application of statistics. Several analytics subjects are well elaborated in this program including: Basic Statistics, and Probability, Mental Math, SPSS Statistics, and Systematic Root Cause Analytics. We focus on the scientific and critical thinking through several science projects (Catapult, Golfer, Robotics, Helicopter Design, Coin Measurement…). We develop and apply Abacus and Mental Math capability to solve the comprehensive analytics problems. This program will compliment to regular school math and science classes but much focused on hands-on practice and analytics. We particularly extract the Math Elements which are more data-driven, statistics-oriented, practical and hands-on practice. Students will learn Science, Analytics, and Math in one combo curriculum. We emphasize the critical thinking, team building, problem-solving, hands-on, and project management skills in each class. Kids will play statistical games and develop their strong statistics sense.

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