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What is SPSS?

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
An integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment.


Why learning SPSS?

SPSS Analytics is leading “Big Data” Innovation
SPSS Statistics is complimentary to AP Statistics and ASQ Statistics
IBM/SPSS offers five Business and Big Data Analytics Certification Exams: SPSS Statistics I, SPSS Modeler Data Analysis, SPSS Modeler Data Mining, SPSS Modeler Data Professional, IBM Big Data Analytics & Architecture
There is no age or working experience requirement
Secret Weapon for College Admission



Teaching the use of IBM SPSS Statistics package which is the analysis package used throughout the other 3 programs. The aim is to have highschool kids obtain the professional level certification at a faction of the cost of taking the official IBM classes. Taking the certification exams is an option not requirement. We help students prepare the Professional IBM SPSS Statistics Certificate Exam. SPSS Statistics content matches with High School AP Statistics content almost identically. IBM SPSS Statistics Exam is the most recognized Statistics Exam globally. Passing SPSS Exam will help students build tremendous confidence and help College Admission application in most professional fields. We will offer the SPSS courses which have mapped very well to current IBM SPSS Courses ($100/Hour). We have created our internal Exam Question Bank to help our students pass the IBM SPSS Exams with high scores. We have helped 10 Summer Students passed the IBM SPSS Exams. Among 10 passers, 6 passers have score > 95%. Two top students are becoming our SPSS Instructors.

Our SPSS courses are following IBM SPSS Cert Exam. At level 1, we will cover the most basic SPSS software operations. At level II, we will map SPSS software statistics tools with our Statistics Modules.

IBM SPSS discount for students & faculty

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