Youth Analytics

Focus on the scientific and critical thinking through several science projects (Catapult, Golfer, Robotics, Helicopter Design, Coin Measurement...). Develop and apply Abacus and Mental Math capability to solve the comprehensive analytics problems. This program will compliment to regular school math and science classes but much focused on hands-on practice and analytics.


Robotic Construction and Programming

Help students develop early interests and curiosities in Robotics. Get prepared for future school robotic classes and programs perhaps robotic competition. Give them real hands-on building (Lean concept). Practice real teamwork, not finding videogame pals. Introduce them to robot hardware components, sensors and motors and moreā€¦..Learn efficient assembly techniques and software architecture for future robotic competition. Learn basic logical programming


Analytical Robotics EV3

Design Robotics architecture and develop MindStorm EV3 software programming. Emphasize on the Robotics System (hardware and software) integration and design optimization. Use analytical data-driven approach to study the complicated Robotics motion pattern and use PID control to optimize the Robotics design objectively.


AP Statistics and Big Data Analytics

Enjoy learning Applied Statistics and Probability in a practical engineering way by case studies. Focus on statistics concepts, applications over the formula or calculations. Apply the statistics on the Robotics Science Project and other Math problems. Build the solid foundation to embrace the Big Data Analytics World. Use Catapult and Golfer Science Projects to apply the Engineering Statistics. This program will compliment to the high school AP Statistics but much focused on hands-on practice and problem solving analytics.


IBM SPSS Statistics Cert

Help students prepare the Professional IBM SPSS Statistics Certificate Exam. SPSS Statistics content matches with High School AP Statistics content almost identically. IBM SPSS Statistics Exam is the most recognized Statistics Exam globally. Passing SPSS Exam will help students build tremendous confidence and help College Admission application in most professional fields. We have helped ten 2015-summer students passed the IBM Certificate Exam (6 students scored > 95%).


High School Summer Internship

We have formed a very strong team to cover most Professional Fields and we are training the top High School Students from Cupertino, Fremont, Los Altos, Palo Alto. All our core courses are around AP Statistics and AP Computer Science. We can offer the common courses and customize their summer Internship Program. Our high-school students are very strong at Data Analytics, Measurement System Analysis, Design of Experiment, Systematic Root Cause Analysis, Project Management.Some of them even certified by IBM SPSS Statistics and got some achievement certified by American Statistics Association. We are working with many Universities in Bay Area offering internships opportunities for our high school students. We really want our students have a chance to help research scientists, graduate students, and faculties in any fields related to Data Analytics, Measurement System Analysis, Design of Experiment, Systematic Root Cause Analysis, Project Management. We plan to get 20-50 HS Internship Opportunities relevant to our Big Data Analytics Program. Our students will be much competitive when applying for these summer research internship positions.

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