For the G7-G9 kids, we will design our curriculum around ASA G7-G9 Poster and Project Contests as well as the IBM SPSS Statistics Certificate Exams. Students can select their ASA Project between Golfer or Catapult. Students will learn Youth Big Data Analytics and SPSS Statistics to prepare their ASA Poster and Project Contests.



The G7-G9 curriculum flow chart has laid out the course-taking sequence. Students can compete the ASA Poster and Project events. Students can also take the IBM SPSS Statistics Cert Exam and IBM Modeler Data Analysis Cert Exam. Project Management/Quality Management courses are offered to help students prepare the ASA Project Contest.



Golfer Science Project can be selected as ASA G7-G9 Statistics Poster and Project Contests. Students will optimize the Golfer 7 Design Variables in order to hit the Golf accurately and precisely. In order to achieve this, students need to build a very reliably predictive and statistical modeling based on the distance-to-hole and the Green Condition. Several Statistics techniques such as linear regression model and design of experiments will be utilized in this ASA Golfer Project.



Catapult Science Project is another choice for the ASA G7-G9 Poster and Project Contests. Students will optimize the Catapult Design variable to precisely hit the target. Launch Angle and Initial Launching Velocity are critical to determine the throwing time and throwing distance. Students need to build a very reliable model in order to hit the target accurately and precisely.



Before establishing the predictive model, measure system analysis is critical to check the machine set-up on measurement accuracy and precision. Selecting a reliable shooter is critical and Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility was conducted. The ASA Catapult Science Project is to develop a shooting model to go “Bowling” by using the Catapult. The model will be optimized in order to hit more Strikes and Spares.



IBM SPSS Statistics Cert Exam is also emphasized in our G7-G9 classes. We will offer the SPSS courses who have mapped very well to current IBM SPSS Courses ($100/Hour). We have created our internal Exam Question Bank to help our students pass the IBM SPSS Exams with high scores. We have helped 10 Summer Students passed the IBM SPSS Exams. Among 10 passers, 6 passers have score > 95%. Two top students are becoming our SPSS Instructors.



Youth Big Data Analytics courses are also provided to help both ASA Statistics Contests and SPSS Statistics Cert Exam Preparation. We have provided many Big Data Analytics case studies and applications. Students can learn statistics and probability in a more practical way. AP Statistics content is also integrated into our Youth Big Data Analytics course.

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