In our G10-G12 program, we emphasize the ASA G10-G12 Poster and Project Contests as well IBM Modeler Certificate Exams. More Adv. AP Statistics, Big Data Analytics, SPSS Statistics are offered for G10-G12 Students. After passed the IBM SPSS Statistics Cert Exam, Students can continue Modeler classes and take Modeler Data Analysis, Modeler Data Mining, and Modeler Data Professional Cert Exams. Adv. Big Data Analytics and Data Mining courses are offered for G10-G12 students.



In addition to the G7-G9 curriculum, G10-G12 curriculum has added more Adv. Courses on the IBM Modeler, Adv. Big Data Analytics, and AP Computer Science courses. We will also help G10-G12 to find the Internship on two areas: (1) Business Analyst, (2) Data Scientist. We are contacting the University Research Labs to open the internship for our Top students to work with their Graduate Students or Research Scientist or Analyst. Our students can help on the Data Analysis, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Predictive Modeling, and Quality Engineering and Management.



SPSS Analytics is leading IBM “Big Data” innovation. We will promote Five IBM Business and Big Data Analytics Certificates. G7-G9 students can take SPSS Statistics and Modeler Data Analysis Exams. G10-G12 students can take Modeler Data Mining and Data Professional Exams. Some top students may take Big Data Analytics and Architecture Cert Exam.

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