AP Statistics & Big Data Analytics


Youth Big Data Analytics courses are also provided to help both ASA Statistics Contests and SPSS Statistics Cert Exam Preparation. We have provided many Big Data Analytics case studies and applications. Enjoy learning Big Data Statistics and Probability in a practical engineering way by case studies. Focus on statistics concepts, applications over the formula or calculations. Apply the statistics on the Robotics Science Project and other Math problems. Build the solid foundation to embrace the Big Data Analytics World. Use Catapult and Golfer Science Projects to apply the Engineering Statistics. This program will compliment to the high school AP Statistics but much focused on hands-on practice and problem solving analytics. Students can learn statistics and probability in a more practical way. AP Statistics content is also integrated into our Youth Big Data Analytics course.Hands on exploration of statistical theory, but focusing on the concepts rather than the formula.

Our Statistics courses are basically following the Highschool AP Statistics. At level 1, we will offer the following modules:

  • Basic Statistics CAR: central limit theorem, alpha/beta risk, signal/noise ratio
  • Basic Probability: conditional probability, combination, permutation
  • Central tendency: Mean, Median, Mode
  • Dispersion: Standard Deviation, Range
  • Normal Distribution: Skewness, Kurtosis, Bi-Modal Fit
  • Box Plot, Outlier, IQR
  • Big Data Graphical Analytics: more than 20 Graphical Analytics tools.

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