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Why should I send my kid(s) to StatsUnbound?
1) Knowledge is everything. We teach your child how to learn and to help build his/her confidence level so that he/she will be successful in school.
2) We know that each child’s learning curve is different than others. That’s why we offer “Fun & Learn” diverse programs to make sure that your child is learning at the right place with the right program with the right instructors and with the right skills.
3) Our teachers don’t simply teach. They are trying to get to know the child and are providing the best attention to each and everyone. That’s why we put 2 teachers per classroom.
4) A lot of in class hands-on activities for the students so that they can think creatively to solve problems openly among others and they can explore a deeper understanding of the concepts instead of lecture-based lessons .
5) Student comes to StatsUnbound with 1 cent size brain, leave with 25 cents size brain power.


Our program vision is to create true customer values during each program. We will help students pass several Statistical Software certificate Certificate and AP Statistics Exams. We will send our kids to compete the National ASA Statistics Contests. Our students will enjoy learning Statistics through Science Projects and Fun Games such as Robotics, The Cube, Fishing, Bouncing Ball, M&M Game, and Dart with a challenge. They will embrace the professional world and grow their global vision through our courses.


Our biggest goal is to help students’ college admission application. We can help students do well on AP Statistics, AP Computer Science. Students can compete ASA Statistics Contests or/and Certify IBM SPSS/Modeler Statistics and Big Data Analytics Certificates. Younger Kids can learn Science and Analytics through the Robotics, Catapult science Projects and games as The Cube, Fishing, Bouncing Ball, M&M Game, and Dart with a challenge. We will also create High School Internship opportunities to work with University Research Labs or Industrial Companies as Data Scientist or/and Business Analyst.


The listed Table shows how we map our each curriculum courses with each ASA, SPSS, and Internship Program. Kids from K3-G12 can join our program anytime. We rank the priority by 0-3 circles to customize each students’ learning curve based on their objectives accordingly and collectively. There is high interdependency and synergy among our courses and programs to maximize the students’ return on each their investment. They can achieve multiple objectives by attending each single course step by step.


ASA is American Statistics Association, which is the World’s largest statistics society. ASA Statistics Contests is a National Competition Event with two events: Poster Contest due April 1st and Project Contest due June 1st. They separate students ranges by four different levels: K-G3, G4-G6, G7-G9, and G10-G12. We are confident that our teams will compete very well with the other teams from CA and other States.


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